You might know Gerald McCullouch from the Bear City movies, or as one of the lab techs in CSI. However, he’s now following in the footsteps of Joe Manganiello and directing a documentary about male strippers.

McCullouch has set his sights on America’s only all nude, all male, gay strip club, Swinging Richards, which isn’t, as you might expect in New York or Los Angeles, but is instead in the heart of the Bible Belt, in Atlanta.

Here’s the synopsis: ‘From part of the creative team behind the award-winning E! TV show “F.Y.E.!”, All Male, All Nude. is a cutting-edge journey into the taboo world of male stripping. The men living this life can’t be boxed in nor can those who pay to watch them strip. Straight men, gay men, bi-sexual men and those who are gay only when the money is right support themselves and, sometimes their families, by dancing nude for a diverse clientele of gay men, straight women, business men in town for work, married couples and everyone in between.

‘The men range from their 20’s up to their 40’s and have a weight room and locker room as their home base for the evening while they connect with customers in a deft money making venture. Each relishes, defends, enjoys and abhors their career choice and looks back on life’s lessons that led them to where they are now.’


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